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Sprawling over an area of around 176 sq. km. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the district of Bhubaneswar in Orissa. Nestled on the Eastern Ghat of biotic region with hillocks and green plateaus, the sanctuary is treasure trove of bio diversity. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its flagship species- Indian Elephant and thus also known as Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary since 1982.

The sanctuary is a well-known tourist destination for people all over the world. However, it is not only tourists that crowd Chandaka. It is also a haunt of the scientists and ecologists who come here to study the diverse nature of the eco-system of the region.

The sanctuary plays host to several different species of migratory birds. Black-headed Oriole, Red jungle fowl, Coucal, Crested serpent eagle, Peafowl, Paradise flycatcher, Great horned owl, and Stone curlew are amongst the numerous varieties of birds that call the sanctuary their home. The sanctuary also has a rich collection of reptilian-like form. Several types of snakes like the Common vine snake, Bamboo pit viper, Kukri snake, Russel’s viper, Common Krait, Indian bronze back are found in the sanctuary. You can also spot Indian flap-shelled turtle, and common skunk.

Barking deer, cheetals, mouse deer, leopards, langurs, sloth bears, Indian civets, mongoose, wolves are some of the other mammals forund here.

Besides rich fauna, the sanctuary is the home of varied species of plants such as sal forest, thorny bamboo brakes, teak, sunari, jamun, kumbhi, belo etc.. that adorn the landscape.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is between October and May. During that period, the temperature is quite moderate, and you will not be impeded by torrential rainfall. Also, remember to obtain your entry passes well in advance. Wear clothes of earthy shades, as bright and flashy colours can cause disturbance to the residents. Avoid throwing garbage within the park premises. As this is a forest area so be careful of not making noise so as not to disturb the residents of the sanctuary. Carry emergency medicines, insect repellants. Do carry a binocular and a camera, but avoid using flashlights. Hunting or sturdy boots is recommended. Do not get into the restricted areas.

Things To Do

Chandaka is famous for the vast varieties of animals and birds, which can be found all over the small but lush green expanse of the sanctuary. The most famous inhabitant of the Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary is the Indian elephant. Efforts are being made to increase the population of the elephants, which have been declared as an endangered species. You can also spot quite a few leopards during your trip through the sanctuary. Some of the other animals that can be found here are Common Indian mongoose, Chital, Rhesus monkey, Sloth bear, Barking deer, Ruddy mongoose, Mouse deer, Common langur, Wild pig, Indian wolf, Small Indian civet, Small Indian mongoose, Pangolin, Ratel, and Hyena. You can also catch occasional glimpses of wild dogs. Along with the animals, the birds also form an integral part of the sanctuary. Go for a thrilling safari ride. Early morning hours is the best time to spot the animals.

Getting Around

Travelling around in the sanctuary is quite easy. Cars can be provided for in the organized trips. You can also hire a private car and use that for travelling around the sanctuary. However, you will need to pay an extra charge for that. As for going to nearby places, it can be easily done by public transports. Cabs are also readily available.

How To Reach


The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar, at a distance of 20 km from the park. The airport is linked to many major towns of India including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. From the airport, you can take a cab to take you to the sanctuary.


In case you decide to complete the journey by train, the nearest station is at Bhubaneswar. You can board a train from any of the major rail stations in the county and get off at Bhubaneswar. From there, the rest of the journey can be completed by cab or bus. The distance between Bhubaneswar Railway Station and the Sanctuary is around 20 km.


If you prefer to visit the sanctuary by road, you can do so by hiring a cab from Bhubaneswar or Cuttack. Car renting facility is also available. Some buses leave for the sanctuary from the nearby towns. Buses are both private and government-run, and fare depends on the facilities they offer. From Bhubaneswar it's just a little over a half an hour journey to Chandaka.

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Surrounding Attractions

Once you have had your thirst fulfilled for natural beauty and wildlife at the Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary you can explore the several other tourist spots that are around the region. If you feel like taking a trip to Bhubaneswar, there are many temples and heritage palaces that are of great architectural value, which draws visitors from all around the globe for their unparalleled beauty. Plan a trip to several waterfalls that can be found in the surrounding regions. Nandan Kanan Zoo is another place where tourists from all over throng in large numbers. Udaygiri Caves and Barabati Fort are some of the other areas, which you can visit during your trip to Chandaka. If you are interested in knowing about the local culture and customs, you may pay a visit to the Tribal Museum, which houses a variety of cultural relics of the indigenous tribes of Orissa. Also try not to miss the vast golden beach of Puri and the Jagannath Temple.
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