Rishop, a Himalayan hamlet, at an altitude of 8500feet, is fast becoming one of West Bengal’s (Kalimpong District) most popular and romantic tourist destinations. It is a like a misty fairy land, veiled by mystique clouds, far from the madding crowd, with sky high pines and birds and crickets chirping in the woods  and colourful flowers everywhere, even in the creeks of the cemented walls, with gorgeous view of the mighty Kanchendzonga.

Travel Tips

Rishop has an extremely pleasant and cool temperature throughout except winters when you may experience snowfall too. The monsoons should be avoided as most of the travelling involves hiking. The spring (March-April) and the autumn (October-November) are the best seasons to visit Rishop as the sky is clear then enabling amazing view of the Kanchendzonga and the other Himalayan ranges and the weather is pleasant making the steep hikes enjoyable. These seasons are the bloom seasons. You get to see gorgeous roses and other pretty flowers. Carry warm clothes and avoid hikes if it rains.

Things to do

Soak yourself in a sense of romantic solitude and silence by a quiet hike on the steep paths of the hill and the valley dotted with little pine wood huts which serve as home stays. The greenery and the colourful flowers, the clouds gushing in through the forests, aroma of pine wood mixed in fresh air and the view of Kanchendzonga is very soothing for the urbanized soul.

There are 2 view points to visit: The very popular, Tiffin Dara and the ‘not so heard of’, Damsanguri, a hidden gem.

Hike for 45minutes through an old jungle trail to Tiffin Dara view point (Altitude of more than 9000feet), a mountain top amidst jungle will make you spellbound with the breathtaking 360 degrees view of the Himalayan ranges. The snow capped Kanchendzonga range, the Blue Mountains of Sikkim, Nathu-La and Jeep-La pass can all be seen on a clear day. During sunrise and sunset these ranges bathed in gold, red and purple hues look heavenly.

The ruins of Damsanguri, at an altitude of 6800feet are not only intriguing structures against the mighty Kanchendzonga as the background but are also structures which witnessed a cycle of creation and destruction and therefore has a plethora of narratives from the pages of unknown or undiscovered history.  It was a fort of the Lepcha King. It is also called the fort of the Rakshash King.

The view point at British ruins of Rikkisum, Pedong Monastery, the oldest one of the region and the Cross Hill of the Evangelists are fascinating places for photography.

Very basic home cooked meals are offered by the home stays

Getting Around

Rishop is a little hamlet to explore on foot. However, there are two hill tops for sightseeing which have to be reached by car. You can pre book the car or request the home stay where you are boarding, to arrange one for you.

  • Flight

    Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport, Shiliguri, has prepaid taxis. Share taxis are not available.

  • Train

    Nearest Railway Station: New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Station with availability of numerous cars, shared shuttles and buses is well connected to various places in North Bengal.

  • Car

    On Road Service: The Tenzing Norgay Central Bus Terminus on Hill Cart Road, Shiliguri, and 6kms from NJP Station is the most important bus stand for North Bengal.

Surrounding Attractions

Lava, Neora Valley National Park and Lolegaon are beautiful hamlets to visit around.

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