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Tarapith, a major Hindu pilgrimage centre and a holy religious place is located at Tarapur village in Birbhum district. Famous for the temple of Maa Tara and the Sadhan pith of Sadhak Byamakhepa, Tarapith is a centre where thousands of devotees flock every day. Many believed that Tarapith is one of the 51 peeths, where eyeball (Tara of Eye) of Sati fell; others say that Sage Basistha worshipped Goddess Sati in form of Tara maa, here. The temple of Tara maa is made of red bricks, where the deity of Maa Tara is enshrined. The temple is very close to the Maha Sasan , where Sadhak Byamakhepa used to do sadhana and attained Moksha. Owing to untypical surroundings, strong rituals, sacrifices and hymns, the temple along with its ambience is quite different than other religious places.

Travel Tips

Being a holy and religious place for Hindus, Tarapith is crowded all throughout the year. But most tourists and devotees prefer visiting in between late October and January, as the weather is pleasant with a chill in the air. Though, people flock during other months of the year, as well.

Things To Do

A religious town, Tarapith is famous for Maa Tara temple and Sadhak Byamakhepa. A weekend trip, especially on Saturday would leave you joyous and divine. Tarapith Temple: The foremost attraction of Tarapith is the Tarapith Temple where the presiding deity is Maa Tara. Located at the centre of the town, Maa Tara Temple, believed to be built in 1225 BC is built of marble and red bricks. It has a curved roof called Dochala and the main shrine is carved and made of engraved metal. Tarapith Mahasasan: An auspicious place, Tarapith Mahasasan (Cremation ground) lies very close to the main temple. The Mahasasan is famous for Sadhak Byamakhepa, who used to reside here and perform Tantra rituals to attain Moksha. You will not attain blessings until you make a visit to this Mahasasan. Byamakhepa Temple: Dedicated to Sri Bamdev or popularly known as Sadhak Byamakhepa, is a pink coloured temple. There is a tomb and samadhi right outside the temple where people offer prayers and offerings in the name of the saint.

Getting Around

Being a Shaktipeeth and a sacred town of the Hindus, tourists flock to Tarapith mainly because of offering puja to Maa Tara and seeking her blessing. Walking by foot from one temple to other is most convenient; and you can hire a car or an auto to travel to nearby attractions.

How To Reach


The nearest airport, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is at Kolkata. One can avail taxi or train or bus servoices from airport to reach Tarapith.


Well linked with Kolkata, there are many direct trains available from Howrah and Sealdah stations. You can either get down at Tarapith station itself or at Rampurhat, from where you may hire an auto or taxi to reach Tarapith in 15 minutes time. Time taken by trains is around 4 and ½ hours.


213 km distance from Kolkata, there are no direct buses from Kolkata to Tarapith. You can go to Panagarh and then take private cars to reach Tarapith. Total time taken by bus and car will be around 5 ½ hours. Else, you may travel by car directly from Kolkata to and then from there travel to Tarapith. Approximate time taken will be 5 hours by car.

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Surrounding Attractions

Birchandrapur Temple: Situated 10 km from Tarapith, Birchandrapur is named after Birbhadra Goswami, the son of Nityananda Swami, the preacher of Vaishnav religion along with Chaitnya Mahaprabhu, who was born here. You can also visit Akali Mandir, situated at Akalipur, 25 km from Rampurhat, famous for its unique hexagonal structure and a glorious history of 300 years. Bakreswar: One of the 51 peeths, Bakreswar is 64 km from Tarapith and just 2 hours journey by private taxi. Located 24 km from Suri in Birbhum district, the temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali and is believed to be erected where the forehead and eyebrows of Sati had fallen. The main temple is surrounded by many small shrines of Lord Shiva. A must visit place, if you have been to Tarapith. Kankalitala Temple: One of the 51 Peeths, Kankalitala Temple is located on the banks of River Kopai on the Bolpur-Labhpur Road in Birbhum district. 56 km from Tarapith and around 2 hours journey by car, it is a must visit spot where thousands of devotees visit to get blessings from Maa Kali, the deity of this temple. Nalateswari Temple: Located on a small hill top, and at a distance of 28 km from Tarapith, the temple of Maa Nalateswari is in Nalhati region. This temple resembles the temples of Kamakhya and Kalighat. It is one of the 51 peeths, where the throat of Sati has fallen and as such the name. Shantiniketan: Around 61 km from Tarapith and only 2 hours drive, Shantiniketan or The Abode of Peace is actually famous for Kabiguru Rabindranath. An attractive tourist destination, Shantinikeatn in Bolbpur district is where Kabiguru founded the renowned Viswabharati. Besides, the Kala Bhavan, Patha bhavan, Uttrayan Complex, and other famous buildings, Shantiniketan is famous for Poush Mela during December month, Joydev Mela in January and Basanta Utsav in March. Visit here to feel the essence of Gurudev and the culture of Bengal, especially the Baul and folk music.
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