Why To Go

If you want a break in the weekend with some fresh air and the sun, sand and the sea, then Mandarmani is the best place to visit from Kolkata. It is arguably the longest drivable beach in India. The beach is non rocky and has jhow trees all along the coast and the waves are not as high, making it a pleasant weekend gateway spot for friends and families.

Travel Tips

Carry your medicines and cashbecause this little village Mandarmani is a resort village and lacks most amenities, in spite of a few luxury resorts. Please avoid venturing in the dark. The beach does not have lights and after sunset the waves during high tide can be risky.

Things To Do

Enjoy the sunrise at the Mandarmani beach with a little bit of strolling and jogging. Enjoy coconut water being sold at the beach. Beach biking is an awesome experience. However, stick to the middle of the beach and do not drive for too long as beach driving has adverse effects on the local ecology and atmosphere. Bikes are available on rent. You can pay for a boat ride in the sea to local fishermen, if available. There are small tea stalls and at times, fisher men sell fried fresh fish and crabs for snacking on the beach. There are little shops on the beach selling souvenirs and items made from sea shells and beach hats and balls. Mohana or Delta, 5-6 kms away from the populated area of Mandarmani, is an isolated place where the river meets the seais very serene. This part of the beach looks red with thousands of little red crabs on the beach. It is very breezy and pleasant here. Enjoy the sunset and return back soon as the area has no electricity and gets dark.

Getting Around

Almost all the resorts in Mandarmani are sea facing, so reaching the beach and roaming around the beach can be done on foot. Van ricksaws and totosara available if required. The resorts arrange for vehicles if requested for.

How To Reach



Contai, 17 kms away from Mandarmani and Digha, 30 kms away from Mandarmaniare the nearest railway stations with cabs and buses availableforMandarmani.


It takes approximately 5 hours to drive 180kms (Kolkata Airport to Mandarmani) on the Kolkata-Digha Route (NH16 and NH116B) via Kolkaghat where you should stop for a sumptuous lunch at Sher-e-Punjab. There are private and State transport buses that can be availed from Howrah, GolparkGariahat, Garia and Esplanade at reasonable fares (Rs.140 and above) to reach Chawalkhola from where local cabs and toto rickshaws are available Mandarmani.

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Surrounding Attractions

Tajpur and Shankarpur are nearby sea side villages which can be visited from Mandarmani.
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