Jayanti Buxa

Why To Go

Jayanti is a small forested village near the town of Rajabhat Khawa in Alipurduar District of West Bengal. The Jayanti River forms a natural border with Bhutan. The wilderness of this village set at the foothills of the Himalayas with the Jayanti River and numerous other unknown streams and springs is mesmerizing. The thrill of the dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve is beyond comparison. Jayanti is a part of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Jayanti is often termed as ‘The Queen of Doars’. Rajabhat Khawa is the entry point to the Tiger Reserve and has a Nature Interpretation Centre.A long weekend here for rejuvenating the mind and escaping the urban mundane seems to be a perfect idea. Rajabhat Khawa is 730 kilometers from Kolkata and takes around 17 hours to reach by road. The drive after Shiliguri is picturesque and one gets the view of the iconic Coronation Bridge too.

Travel Tips

Monsoons should be avoided. Please abide by the norms/ laws of the safaris. It is advisable not to wear dark coloured clothes and not to use perfumes during safaris. It is important to maintain silence and do not go around on your own inside the forest, unless instructed by the guide. Be careful of leach. Wear covered shoes while trekking and carry salt. In case leach sticks to your body, put some salt there, it will automatically fall off.

Things To Do

Sunset from Jayanti River Side is far more exotic than one can imagine. The river beds are wide but mostly dry in places. There is a broken bridge and this spot has been a favourite shooting spot of Tollywood. Guided Jeep safari in Buxa Tiger Reserve is something that one should not miss. You will often encounter wild animals. Safari is the best way to absorb the wilderness. Bhutia basti is 1.5 km from Jayanti. The Bhutia Basti and Chuniya watch towers are spots that one must visit. The watch towers provide 360 degree view of the vast green forest, its water bodies and the Himalayan Hills. The panoramic views, the chirping of birds and the cool breeze will soothe one’s spirit. Deer, wild boar, gaurs and elephants are often seen near the water bodies. Different kinds of birds are observed. Sit at the bank of the Raidak River at Bhutan Ghat. It is a picturesque spot and the hills across the river are Bhutan Hills. The beautiful river is a natural border. Take a guide from the scenic Santalebari Village, 15 kilomaters from Rajabhat Khawa, and drive through the forest for 2.5 kilometers to the foothill of the hill where the Buxa Fort was erected. Hike 2.5 kilometers uphill through the woods to the ruins of the historic Buxa Fort. Take breaks at the view points or other numerous unknown springs. There is even a café before reaching the fort. The adventure lovers should definitely not miss it. The trek lovers can trek 2 kilometres from Buxa Fort to reach Lepchakha, a pristine Bhutia Village. This trek though a little tough, is worth doing. This Himalayan hamlet has nature’s wonder at its purest. There is a monastery and a stupa at the centre of the village and payer flags fluttering all around. The vast extent of Doars and its rivers below can be seen from top. Rover’s Point and Roopang Valley at Bhutan border are two other popular trekking destinations. Mahakal Caves, stalactite caves, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is another attractive destination. One needs to trek to reach the caves. Visiting these caves is definitely adventurous. To explore more of the pristine nature, don’t miss the Pokhari Hill and the Pokhari Lake. The lake is considered sacred and is home to numerous fresh water turtles.

Getting Around

The forest safaris are done by vehicles of the forest department. Cars for rent and auto rickshaws are available. Self drive is possible.

How To Reach


Bagdogra Airport to Buxa is 176 kilometers and takes around 4.5 hours. Cabs need to be hired from the airport.


Rajabhat Khawa is just 12 kilometers from Buxa and takes around 20 minutes to reach. Cars as well as autos are available. Alipurduar Juntion and New Alipurduar station are also within 30 kilometers from Buxa and takes less than 1 hour. Buxa is easily accessible from New Jalpaiguri (NJP), Siliguri, Hasimara and Coochbehar Stations by car or bus.


From Kolkata Airport take National Highway (NH) 21 and stick to it through Chaudanga Ranaghat Krishnanagar Bypass and then cross Beherampore and take the Malda bypass Road. From Malda Botolbari Bus stop continue on NH 21 for some times and then merge to NH 27 to the right. Continue on NH 17 from Shiliguri and merge to NH 31 finally to exit on State Highway (SH) 16. If required take a night halt at Malda. Kolkata to Malda is 328 kilometers’ drive and takes about 7.5 hours. Malda to Rajabhat Khawa is a distance of 400 kilometers and takes around 9 hours to drive.

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Surrounding Attractions

Chalsa area offers wilderness, set on the foot hills of the Himalayas. Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, the hilly drives on the meandering roads with tea gardens on both sides of the road and the gushing Murti River, attract tourists. Jeep safari at Chilapota Forest and elephant safari at Jaldapara National Park together with the beauty of the Torsa River can make memories to last for a life time.
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