Rent An E-Cycle The Next Time You Visit Goa For Just Rs 1500 For 3 Hours

    ITA Desk : The next time you visit Goa do look out for a new service started by the Goa government of e-cycles
    The government there has tied up with a private company called B:Live that rents out e-cycles to tourists who can use them to venture around for sight seeking or for simply roaming about.
    “The whole idea behind starting this company was to provide a clean, green way of discovering a new location or city,” said Sandeep Kholkar, founder of the company that rent out the e-cycles in Goa.
    In November, the Goa government entered into 20 year partnership with the private firm for managing and operating electric vehicle tourism across the state. The renting out of e-cycles is the first step in that effort.
    The aim of the project is to reduce vehicular pollution in the state – especially te numerous tourists vehicles that are used by tourists across the state.
    This idea of making e-cycles available for renting primarily for tourists is similar to what is used in a number of top tourist destinations in Europe and the benefit of using such e-vehicles in there for the environment.
    Currently, the e-cycle service is available in three places in Goa.
    The e-cycle is essentially an electric vehicle powered by chargeable batteries that is very similar to a regular cycle and can be used on roads, streets, mountains, and beaches. A motor is attached to the frame of the cycle which gets activated as soon as one starts pedaling, However the effort required to ride an e-cycle is far less than a regular cycle and therefore ideal for tourists om terms of money and for the environment because there is zero emission.
    The project also mandates that a very experienced tour captain accompanying the tourists renting the e-cycles and tourists would be able to get a real sense of what Goa is and who will help discover places and parts of the state that would have been missed otherwise.
    The starting point of every tour is called e-hubs which are essentially refurbished, old shipping containers that double up as charging point as well as storage of the vehicles.
    The tours planned on such bicycles are very interesting. For example, the island tour takes the tourists for a breakfast at a 150-year-old house and is served a traditional home-cooked spread.
    For tourists who are interested to use this unique service while on their Goa trip, they can book a trip either through the official B:Live website or the Goa Tourism Development Corporation website. There are a number of packages for the tours such as heritage, culture, exploring an island, or just exploring a church and book the ride.
    However, only those over 12 years of age are allowed to access this service because these vehicles are motorized and can reach a top speed of 25 km/hr and therefore they are not allowed to be used by smaller children. To ensure seamless and trouble free travelling, the e-cycles are also fitted with GPS trackers and electronic disc brakes for greater safety. The cost of using the e-cycles would be between 1500 to Rs 2000 for a tour that lasts for between 2 to 3 hours.
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