Kerala Tourism’s Social Media Page The Most Followed In South Asia Tourism Industry

    The interactive Facebook page of Kerala Tourism has been judged the most followed tourism page in South Asia – comfortably outpacing the likes of Tourism Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, primarily because of brand new content and fascinating visuals.

    Over the past two years, Kerala Tourism,s Facebook page has seen more than double the number of ‘likes’ which stands at 3,481,239 thereby surpassing the social media platform page of Tourism Malaysia which has 3.3 million “likes”, Visit Singapore page with 3.2 million ‘Likes’ and Amazing Thailand 2.6 million ‘likes’.

    A press statement from the Kerala tourism said that at the international scale, social media presence of only three other countries is ahead of the Kerala Tourism Facebook popularity these are Australia with 8.3 million, Go USA with 6.7 million and Visit Dubai with 6.7 ‘likes’.

    Kerala is far ahead of any other portal of other tourism departments in the country by a very comfortable margin.

    The success of the social media campaigns by Kerala Tourism can be gauged from the fact that it surpasses the social media presence and success of social media presence of tourism departments of the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Odisha.

     “It gives me immense pleasure and a feeling of pride to note that Kerala Tourism’s social media page has now become the second most followed in the whole of Asia after ‘Visit Dubai’,” Tourism minister Kadakampally Surendran said.

    He added that this tremendous feat has been possible because of sustained campaigns on social media and digital media – particularly because of a video film titled ‘Human by Nature’ which focuses on the residents of Kerala. This video has garnered more than 15 million views. And there were more than 60 million views of a series of 50 plus videos termed as the ‘Kerala Tales Video Campaign’ which showcased actual and real stories from Kerala. These videos were produced and put up on the digital and social media platform within the last one year.  

    Creation of a sound content strategy based on engagement data analysis was the backbone of the phenomenal success of the digital and social media campaign of Kerala Tourism. “It has helped us to fine-tune our content for better reach and create specific content for audiences with specific interests,” said Kerala Tourism secretary Rani George.

    In addition, efforts were also made to make the content appealing to a wide range of Indians through posting in seven Indian languages to cater to the domestic audience.

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