India Moves Up On WEF Global Tourism Competitiveness Index To Rank 34th from 40th

    ITA Desk : According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), India has moved up 6 places in the agency’s world travel and tourism competitiveness index. Currently, India ranks 36th in the world list and this rise has been driven by price competitiveness apart from new opportunities for tourism that make use of the country’s rich natural and cultural resources.

    “India, which accounts for the majority of South Asia’s T&T (travel and tourism) GDP, remains the sub-region’s most competitive T&T economy, moving up six places to rank 34th globally,” the WEF report said.

    The report also puts India in the same bracket as China, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil, which are not high income countries but have made their place in the top 35 in the overall list and thereby find prominence in the Cultural Resources and Business Travel Pillar because of a combination of the rich natural and cultural resources found in these countries and their very strong competitiveness in terms of costs of visits.

    “India showed the greatest percentage improvement to its overall Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) score, which has helped it become the only lower-middle income country in the top 35,” the report said.

    The report also lauded the better air infrastructure of India ranking it at 33rd in this area while putting India on the 28th rank in terms of ground and port infrastructure. India was ranked 14th in terms of natural resources and 8th in terms of cultural resources in the overall global list by the WEF. Further, the report noted that India ranked 13th in terms of price competitiveness for tourism and this aspect has been noted to be one of the major strengths of the tourism industry of India.
    The report however also pointed out that Indi needs to do well in a number of areas including business environment, overall travel and tourism policy, and enabling conditions, infrastructure and information and communications technology readiness.

    The WEF index includes 140 countries and the measurement or ranking is done on the basis of a number of elements that help in sustainable development of travel and tourism sector.


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