Mount Abu

Why To Go

Mount Abu is the only hill station of the desert state Rajasthan, situated on Aravalli range. Forming a rocky plateau 22 km in length and 9 km width,  this hill station is referred to as ‘an oasis in the desert’ because the elevation provided source of small rivers, waterfall, lakes and green forests. The highest peak is Guru Shikhar with an altitude of 1722 metres above the sea level. The ancient name of Mount Abu is Arbudaanchal. This township has become one of the busiest hill stations of India because of its presence surrounding the desert area combined with as lush greens. 

Mount Abu’s reputation as a honeymooners paradise does not entirely do justice to the charms of this lovely hellscape. It has much to offer all kinds of visitors, especially in winters when the sun is a friendly daytime state, and at night you can lovingly drape yourself in woollen.

To beat the heat during the summer, a massive flock of tourists place their temporary pad at this hill station from all over the Rajasthan state and neighboring Gujarat state. There is a sanctuary in the name of the same, which keeps the tourists busy during their stay. This hilltop land has strong historical values in Hindu mythology and amazing architecture that draw tourists. also. Some temples, like Dilwara Temple of Hindu pilgrims can also be visited.

Travel Tips

Mount Abu can be visited all round the year, because of its pleasant and soothing climate and blossoms that fill up the entire hill side. However, the best time to visit this hill station of Rajasthan is between November – June, i.e. during winter and monsoon. Summer time is very hot and temperature may soar up to 35 degree Centigrade.

Things To Do

Mount Abu is nestled around Naki lake, which according to legend is a place where the gods scraped from the ground using their nails. All roads lead to Nakki Lake, the town center around which sprawls a market. Nakki Lake is the centre for most activities in Abu, and boating on the lake is a must-do activity. The best choice is to get there first thing in the morning; boating at sunset is more common. There are the usual rowboats, a few motorboats, and even some boats shape like swans. Hindu devotees can take a look at the temples nearby. A trekking route is available for the trekking lovers also. If you are a history buff or love the architecture, Mount Abu is a perfect place for you to explore Any nature walkers can take a walk at the wildlife sanctuary situated at this hillock. Mount Abu is rich in sightseeing points head towards Toad Rock or Sunset point. Try out local Rajasthani delicacies available round the season.

Getting Around

There are taxis available to take the tourists at the hot spots. Public buses are available from Abu road bus station to the Mount Abu also.

How To Reach


The nearest domestic airport is Udaipur, which is around 185 km from Mount Abu. The airport is well connected to major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai etc. You can travel to Mt. Abu by hired taxis from the airport. However, the closest international airport is at Ahmedabad which is little far away.


Just 25 km from the main city is the nearest rail station, Abu Road, which is connected to major Indian cities. Private taxis or shared taxis can be availed to take you to Mt. Abu from the station.


Many state transport and bus operate from adjoining cities like Udaipur, jaipur, Ahmedabad and far away cities like Delhi or Mumbai. NH14 is only 24 km from the city, so reaching Mount Abu is not a very tough task.

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Surrounding Attractions

A historical fort named Achalgarh Fort is standing at this township welcoming the tourists from 14th Century. The Nakki Lake is called the heart of this city, draws a large number of people after the sun goes down. Religious lover will find their spot at Dilwara Jain temple, Mahadev temple, Adhardevi temple, Kantinath temple. Mount Abu is being boosted as Eco tourism centre also. Rock climbing, trekking, bird watching, plant studying is being organized to increase the knowledge-seeking tourists. There are observing viewpoints such as Trevor’s tank, Salgaon Watch tower, Tiger Path, devangan Valley, Cragis point, Kodra Dam, GabirNalla, Goumukh, Kulagarh Valley, Achalgarh, etc. Tourists can visit at other major tourist centres of the state Rajasthan also.
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