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There has not been a single person in the whole country who does not know about the tremendous historical Sun Temple of Konark holding the distinguished magnitude and gravity. Situated around 35 km northeast of Puri in Odisha, the Sun Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Odisha state.

This exceptional effigy with impressive artifacts was fabricated by the king Narasinghs Deva–I of the Ganga Dynasty in the mid-thirteenth century and often known as Black Pagoda, this rare creation speaks of the exquisite Kalinga architecture. Constructed in the shape and resembles a grand chariot pulled by seven vibrant horses on twelve pairs of spectacular ornamented wheels, the temple is extra-ordinary impressive creation with striking design and formation. With a height of over 100 feet and immense wheels and horses the structure is carved out of stone, the temple is dedicated to the Sun God.

This awe-inspiring creation has often been observed and contemplated as the best model among the temples of its stature. It has also been considered to be the most substantial one when judged with the two other apparent formation of Odisha, namely the magnificent Jagannath Temple and the Lingaraja Temple. In spite of the fact that the Sun Temple in Konark does not hold the same carves and niches it was built with centuries ago, it still manages to bewitch the enchanted viewers. It proves the exquisite artistic power and credit of the Vaishnav culture.

The Konark sun temple, with its intricate stone sculptures, is a UNESCO World Heritage site even though it ceased to be a living temple a few decades after its consecration in the 13th century. Life in Konark revolves almost entirely around tourist activities related to the temples.

Travel Tips

As it’s a trendy and enchanting destination to spend pleasant holidays so, it’s always suggestible to book hotels well in advance and avoid the possible hazards and hassles on reaching there. A good quality camera should always be your companion to gift you with the pleasant memoirs that will be your precious resource for the entire life. It would help if you hired a travel guide so as not to miss the surrounding attractions and to gain fantastic experiences. The best time to visit this place is from October to March, as summers can be very scorching in Odisha.

Things To Do

Sun Temple: Believed to be constructed in the mid-13th century, by the Orissan king Narasimha Deva-I, this massive edifice used to mark his military victory over the Muslims, and it was only for three centuries that it used to be catered by the kings. When you are roaming around the magnificent creation, you will surely be transported in the world back to the time when artistry reached to the summit of excellence, and the aftermath of it was nothing but the fructification of this unbridled artifice. Archaeological Museum: This intriguing serene and quiet museum, just west of Yatrinivas, can turn out to be an exotic place to hang around with your family members. It contains many impressive and unique carvings and sculptures found during the excavations of the Sun Temple. Chandrabhaga Beach: This exotic beach is just a few minutes’ walk away, and if you are planning to have a trip in Konark then never forget to visit the place as you will miss an inordinate beauty if you don’t make your footfall in one of the splendid beaches in Orissa. Konark Beach: To engross yourself in super exciting and fun activities, you should always opt for the Konark Beach, as there are various water sports, including scuba diving, to indulge in and have a great time to remember. You can also take a refreshing long walk along the beach and enjoy the soothing cool breeze to your heart’s content.

Getting Around

As the transport system is quite praiseworthy here so, getting around in Konark is relatively easy. You can rent private taxis or other four-wheelers to reach and visit the surrounding attractions that happen to add extra value in the tour.

How To Reach


The Bhubaneswar airport is the most advantageous and convenient point for entering the city with several flights adjoining Konark with Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi flying regularly.


Being 31km away, Puri is the nearest railway station from Konark. Puri rail station is well-linked with all the major destinations in the country by regular train service. From the station hire a taxi or rented cars to reach Konark. Even buses are available in good numbers that take tourists all around for a trip.


An advanced and large-scale road network within Konark links it well to the rest of India via State highways and National Highways connecting it with Bhubaneswar, Puri, and other cities in Odisha (Orissa) and its neighboring states.

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Surrounding Attractions

There are also places encircling the area that can provide enough entertainment and joy to you along with your near and dear ones. Visit Puri and you will get to see the beautiful beach and the famous Jagannath Temple. Kuruma Village (8 km), the confluence of Ramachandi (7 km), Pipli- Orissa’s appliqué capital (23 km), Chaurasi (30 km) and Astranga (35 km) can give you a time of your lifetime.
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