Chauragarh Fort

Why To Go

Chauragarh Fort is sitting proudly atop the Satpura range under the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This was built by the lime and mud mortar of the region placed in small to large blocks. Here a broken Narsingh sculpture of Kalchuri period can be seen in the ancient Pyramid-shaped temple. This fort was built during the 16th century AD by Gond rulers. There were barracks inside the fort to keep the prisoners at that time. The fort houses an amphitheater and palace of Gond king. There are buildings built during the Martha period, which is standing inside even present times also. There is a Shiv temple on the top of the hill drawing Hindu pilgrims to the site for years. One needs to climb 1300 steps to reach the temple.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit here is from October to March, as the weather is pleasant and you can explore the area smoothly. The place does not provide accommodation and lodging facility. So preparing a good travel plan is essential. This area stays warm during the summertime. So visit during the wintertime to have a relaxing outing. Do not stroll around the city during the night time. If possible, leave the zone before sunset.

Things To Do

There are not many activities available other than visiting the surrounding attractions. People who are adventurous can make a trekking plan to the Pachmari hill point.

Getting Around

For the surrounding attractions, you can hire private cars. Autos are available from the town to reach the fort also. Other places need to be explored by feet.

How To Reach


The nearest airport is at Jabalpur, which is 163 km away. Domestic carriers are connecting this city with other metros like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi with this city.


Jabalpur and Bhopal station is the nearby railway stations of Chauragarh fort. There are direct trains from Delhi to Jabalpur. Other metro cities are well-connected via trains too.


Tourists can take a road trip from Jabalpur, Bhopal to visit this fort. Private cars are available from the city also.

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Surrounding Attractions

Pachmari is the closest attraction other than the fort in this region. Various types of flora and fauna can be seen in this place. Satpura national park is not too far away from this region. Tourists can enjoy their vacation by spending their time at Chauragarh peak, bee falls, dhoopgarh, Jata Shankar, Pandav caves, Mahadeo hill, and several other attractions. There are various waterfalls in this central part of India, which is offering an enthralling experience to the tourists. A short walk to the nearby hillocks can be exciting also.
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