Kolkata to Purulia

Why To Go

Lush greenery, undulating rocky landscapes, stunning natural beauty…  these are few of the things that describe Purulia, a district situated at the west of West Bengal, just 250 km from Kolkata. The calm breeze with fresh aroma stimulates your body and soul. Purulia is centred around hills, forests, water bodies and remnants of past structures. The land of red soil and Palash flower, Purulia is also associated with Tribals and their lives; the Chhau dance, Jhumur songs and dance which bring an enigmatic charm. A perfect weekend or a short trip destination, Purulia lets you unravel the wondrous beauty of the nature.

Travel Tips

Though a weekend destination for all round the year, the best and comfortable time to visit Purulia is during winter-from end of October to February, when the temperature is soothing and enjoyable. You can walk through the villages like Cheliama, Deulghat, explore the Panchkot or Kashipur Palace. Rediscover the serene ambience and behold the migratory birds at Muradi lake or Saheb Bandh lake or trek in Ayodhya Hills, Jay Chandi Pahar etc. During Monsoon, the rain adds freshness making the surroundings greenery; however it is hot and humid during the day. However, a summer visit is not advisable because the temperature soars above 41°C. But whenever you make a trip, carrying a camera is a must. With ample of festivals round the year and mystic landscapes you would love to capture memorable photographs.

Things To Do

A trip to Purulia gives you a break from the daily routine of tedious activities of the urban life. From Tribal dances to tribal handicrafts, from relics of ancient buildings and palaces to natural beauty, you would surely enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the nature. Chau Dance: The traditional folk dance of this region, Chau is prevalent among the Tribals like Santhals, Kumars, Kalindi communities where dancers wear big colourful masks based on mythological episodes from Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas. It is a festivity that you should never miss. Jhumur: Jhumur song is known for its lyrical and literary meaning that depicts a story. Most popular amongst the artisan and tribal communities like Santhal, Munda, Oraon, Kurmi, Kumhaar, Rajwar etc. Jhumur songs and dance would really get you engrossed. Deulghat: The land of temples, Deulghat, situated near Kansai river is the home of 15 temples that are well known for their architectural marvels and carvings. However, only the remains left in the temples. Deulghat is one of favourite spots of the tourists. Baranti Reservoir or Murardi Lake: A calm and serene place enclosed by green mountains, Murardi Lake is located in between two hillocks, Murardi Hill and Baranti Hill and is a 2km stretch irrigation dam. Rejoice the panoramic view and soak in the serenity. Dotted with hills, you can take a long walk alongside the dense vegetation. A perfect picnic spot and a must see site for those who visit Purulia. Saheb bandh: A 50-acre lake, Saheb Bandh is one of the most pristine locations in Purulia. Believed to have been built during mid 19th century, today the lake set in the lap of the nature is an abode of many migratory birds. Cheliama: Enriched with history and a heavenly place for archaeologists and historians, Cheliama is a village that has remains of the past dating back to the 17th century. The renowned Radha- Govind temple along with others, depict architecture, artistry and culture of the bygone era is flocked by tourists.

What to Eat & Where
to Eat

Their staple food of the native tribals is rice and fish. Vabra Vaja, a fritter like oil fried food is the special delicacy in this place along with different types of homemade sweets like Jalebis, Barfis etc. A number of hotels offering Bengali cuisines and Thalis are spread across the whole town and there are food joints also that serve local food and delicacies.

Getting Around

The best way to get around the rocky landscapes and green forests is to stroll around. You would experience the land of red soil, charming view and peaceful lakes which are the abode of many birds, simply by visiting the picturesque Purulia. With remnants of the past, archaeological relics, temples on one side and dense forests, rocky mountains, trekking on the other, you would discover a perfect weekend outing.

How To Reach


With a total distance of 250 km from Kolkata, Purulia is nicely connected to other districts of West Bengal through road ways. There are ample government and private bus services that join Purulia to the neighbouring cities as well. You can also take a private car and reach Purulia with an additional enjoyment like sightseeing.

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Surrounding Attractions

Ayodhya Hill: Located 42 km from Purulia, Ayodhya Hill is a hill that is an extension of Eastern Ghats range and a part of Dalma Hills.. Ayodhya Hill, not very far off from Baghmundi town has mythological significance too, where it is believed that Lord Rama with his wife Sita had come here during their exile. With a Forest Rest House, this place is an extended plateau with undulating land and scattered hillocks. Baghmundi: A small town close to Ayodhya Hills and Purulia is a place of natural beauty. Thousands of tourists flock here to enjoy the greens with a rich variety of flora and fauna, waterfalls and rocky hillocks here and there. There are two falls, Tugga and Bramni near Baghmundi which are famous picnic spots. Khairabera Lake: Situated 67 km from Purulia town and close to Baghmundi, Khairabera Lake is actually a dam amid slopes and woods. With wondrous beauty, natural vegetation and Bamni falls, this attractive place is not to be barred from schedule. Duarsini: Located close to Purulia town, Duarsini is a small tribal village. Set in the picturesque background engulfed by hillocks and lush greenery of Dalma hill, this place is the home of a variety of wildlife like bears, wolves, wild boars and different birds. Enjoy the calm and peaceful time on the banks of Satgurang river that flows past this place. The beats of madol from the nearby tribal locality would let you feel the pulse of the tribals. Surulia: Developed by the forest department, Surulia, situated on the banks of Kangsabati river and just 6 km from Purulia is a favourite picnic spot. Housing a beautiful deer park and a well decorated cottage, this place is visited by many tourists and should not be missed.

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