Kolkata to Maithon

Why To Go

Maithon in Jharkhand is a town on the banks of River Barakar. It is 43 kilometers away from Dhanbad, the district headquarters. This is coal mine area of the chhota Nagpur Plateau, thereby with undulating land and small hills. The enormous lake is the chief attraction. During spring the forest area blooms with the gorgeous orange-red flower, ‘Palash’, known as ‘Flame of the forest’. It is extremely close to West Bengal border making it easily accessible by road from Kolkata. It is 236 kilometers away from Kolkata and takes around 5 hours by road, thus making it a perfect destination for a weekend getaway.

Travel Tips

Anytime of the year is suitable for visiting Maithon, except for extreme summer. Wear comfortable shoes as there are some hill climbing or hiking scenes.

Things To Do

Watch sunset from the Maithon Dam, one of the largest dams in India. It is one of the four DVC dams. The vast reservoir, the green lake; spread across 65 square kilometer with little hill islands and surrounding forests; look ravishing. Boating on the lake is a popular activity. The panoramic view and the cool breeze make the experience all the more remarkable. On the Barakar River stands this 15712 feet long and 165 feet high dam which also has a hydroelectric power station. Visit the tranquil Spoon Island/ Sabuj Dweep, an inverted spoon shaped island in the middle of the lake. It is easily accessible by boat. A guide can help one with the hilly way through the woods. If one can climb to the top of the hill, then he will be mesmerized by the 360 degree view of the lake and its surrounding greenery. Pahari Baba Temple, atop Bhandar Hill around Maithon Dam can also be spotted from here. The tracks to this temple are difficult and hence not easily accessible to tourists. Do not miss the Kalyaneswari Temple situated on the banks of River Barakar. This river forms the Jharkhand-West Bengal border. Even though Kalyaneswari temple is in West Bengal, it is only 6 kilometers from Maithon dam. There is also a gushing spring beside the temple. The location of the temple is serene. The 500 year old temple is famous and is from where Maithon derives its name. Maithan means ‘Mai ka than’, meaning the place of the Mother. Goddess Kalyaneswari is referred to as the mother or ‘Ma’. Nature lovers will be charmed by the wilderness of the Deer Park. The forest area is inhabited by spotted deer. The numerous streams flowing inside the forest, originating from the water of the dam, make the place more attractive. There is another popular Kali Temple atop a hill called Kali Pahari. Visit the Millenial Park for some fun. It is a park with some amusement rides and funny statues which are attractive to children.

What to Eat & Where
to Eat

Simple and basic food is available. There are a few street side fast food joints. On the way to Maithon do not forget to taste Burdwan’s famous sweets, ‘Sitabhog’ and ‘Mihidana’.

Getting Around

Driving around Maithon isn’t difficult. Tourists can also avail cycle rickshaw or auto rickshaws.

How To Reach


From Kolkata airport, take National Highway (NH) 12 till Birati. Then take Kalyani Express Way to merge with NH19 (Panagarh Bypass) to reach Maithon. It is 5 hours’ drive. Breaks can be taken at Burdwan and Durgapur for refreshments.

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Surrounding Attractions

Half an hour’s drive from Maithon takes you to another beautiful dam and lake on River Davodar, the Panchet Dam, another of the four DVC projects. It is 17 kilometers from Maithon. Panchet Dam in Jharkhand is closest to the Purulia borders of West Bengal and surpirisingly, Panchet Hill which rises over the Panchet Dam is in West Bengal. Garpanchkot, in West Bengal, is a ruined fort at the foot hill of the Panchet Hill. The cloudy sky, greenery of the hills and the scattered ruins of Bengal terracotta temples and the fort make the place magical. Garpanchkot is 30 kilometers away from Maithon and the one hour’s drive is enchanting.

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