Kolkata to Digha

Why To Go

Digha is said to be one of the most favourite sea beach destinations of West Bengal. Located in the southern part and 187 km from Kolkata it is described as the ‘Brighton of the East’. Discovered by the British in the late 18th century, Digha was originally known as BEERKUL. A perfect weekend destination, Digha is actually famous for its golden sea beach where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of both sunset and sunrise. A blend of solitude and charm, the picturesque sea beach is encircled with casuarina trees all along the coast. You can enjoy the gentle waves that fondle your feet while you savour sea food delicacies like variety of fried fishes, crabs and cashew nuts. Though the sea is calm and safe for swimming, sometimes high tides make it nasty and violent.

Travel Tips

Digha is a great tourist spot to visit all around the year; however, the best time to visit is from November to early March. With pleasant weather and low humidity, you can enjoy the charming scenic beauty of Digha’s sea beach. Summer can be scorching with high humidity and you may suffer sun burn. Rain during monsoon can play a spoilsport and it will be not very wise to make a visit during the monsoon time. But whenever you visit Digha make sure you carry a camera or a smart phone because there is ample scope of taking fantastic photographs.

Things To Do

The first and foremost attraction of Digha is its golden beach that lures you at any point of time. The sunshine, the romance with the sun and the sand and the gigantic waves beckon you always. The scrumptious fried fishes found in the stalls will certainly make you a glutton. Apart from the extensive beach, Digha has other places of attraction too. New Digha: A newly developed town with a new beach, New Digha is just 20 minutes walking from Old Digha. Dotted with many luxurious hotels and eateries, New Digha is now synonymous with Old Digha. The snake farm adds to another attraction of New Digha. Mohona: The junction of sea and river, Mohona is just 5 km from main centre of Digha. The beach is clean and serene. There is a beautiful fish market, full of fresh and live fishes, which is just a heaven for fish lovers. Amrabati Park: A delightful and decorated park close to New Digha is an attractive tourist spot. Just 5 minutes walking distance from New Digha, the park is adorned with charming greenery and houses a variety of colourful flowers. It also has a lake with boating facility. Marine Aquarium: Considered to be the biggest marine aquarium, it houses many kinds of marine species that consist of sea fish, sharks, sea snakes, horse shoe crabs, ray and butterfly fish and uncommon sea organisms. Science Centre: The centre has several interactive mechanisms that make science a fun and a learning experience. A mini Jurassic Park is the centre of attraction for tourists. Wonder Land (Kajal Dighi): The wonder land is actually a park that has a lot of amusements. With a placid view and a serene ambience, the park is a must visit for al tourists.

What to Eat & Where
to Eat

Special mouth watering delicacies of variety of fishes like pomfret, lobster, tiger prawns, bhekti, illish and crabs are star attractions of Digha. Digha is dotted with many luxurious and mid-sized hotels where you can get a whole range of Bengali cuisines. Countless eating joints with special items like biriyani, chowmein, chilli chicken, momos and fried fishes are spread all across the town. Cashew nut is another speciality of Digha. So, make a trip to Digha and be a glutton...

Getting Around

In Digha the most fascinating place is the vast azure sea and the golden sea beach, considered to be the widest sea beach around the world. You can spend hours after hours just beholding the playful waves getting unrolled on the sea beach. You can also enjoy the tranquillity amidst casuarina trees. Explore in and around Digha by simply walking and savour the delicious fried fishes, cashew nuts or sipping into cool and fresh green coconut water while sitting at the sea beach of Digha. Avail a van rickshaw and travel in and around the major tourist spots of Digha like the Marine Aquarium, Amrabati Park, New Digha, Science Centre, etc.

How To Reach


You can reach Digha by car via Kolkata- Howrah- Mecheda- Contai- Ramnagar – Digha route which is around 187 km and would take maximum 4 hours. You can also avail another route via Kolkata- Deulti- Kolkaghat- Kharagpur- Digha, which is 243 km and would take approximately 5 hours.

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Surrounding Attractions

Along with the wide golden beach that extends miles after miles, Digha has other nearby attractions. Talseri beach: Located in Baleswar in Odisha state, Talseri beach is a junction point between Bay of Bengal and Subarnarekha river. Just 10 km from Digha and a 30 min. road trip, Talseri beach is a place where you experience serenity and tranquillity. The beach amidst coconut trees, casuarinas trees, sand dunes and placid waves would certainly refresh your senses and souls. Further, you can also tickle your taste buds with fresh fried fish, red crabs and chicken. Mandarmani: Just a few km from Digha, Mandarmani is a new luxurious beach resort that is becoming popular among tourists. With picturesque view, wide sandy beach, luxurious facilities, Mandamani has become a short but favourite destination not only among travellers but also among film makers. Tajpur: Another beach resort, Tajpur is also located very near to Digha and is gaining popularity amongst travellers. You can travel from Digha or may separately visit Tajpur which is 170 km from Kolkata. It provides a perfect holiday destination away from the hustle bustle of city life. The pristine beach enclosed with eucalyptus trees, casuarinas trees has thousands of red crabs that give a crimson effect to the sea shore. Chandeswar Temple: Situated at the Bengal- Odisha border, Chandeswar is famous for the Shiva Temple. Flocked by thousands of tourists and devotees all round the year, the temple is very close to Digha and is a must visit for tourists who visit Digha.

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