Kolkata to Ayodhya Hills

Why To Go

Ayodhya Hills, located in the Purulia district is around 260 km from Kolkata, is a part of Chotonagpur Plateau and an extended portion of Eastern Ghats range. With undulated rocky hillocks, rugged landscapes covered with red soil and dense vegetation, Ayodhya Hills is a perfect weekend destination for travel lovers and young rock climbers, who love trekking along these hills. Hindu mythology stated that Rama and Sita stayed here during their exile. There is a place called Sita Kundu, where Sita quenched her thirst. There is also a Forest Rest House on the hill top of Ayodhya Hills.  You can experience vivid scenery and Chhau dance with Madal that would take you off from the hustle bustle of the city life.

Travel Tips

The perfect time to visit Ayodhya Hills is of course during winter, when the weather is pleasant and cool. You can trek the hills, stroll along the tribal areas and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. As summer is very hot and humid, it is not recommended to visit during this time. Another good time to visit is during March when the flora and fauna welcome you. Do not forget to take a camera as you may capture some unforgettable photographs.

Things To Do

Rock climbing amidst natural beauty and witnessing the lives of tribal are enough reasons to visit this place. Rock climbing or Trekking: Ayodhya Hills is a trekker and rock climber’s paradise. With rocky hillocks and mountain range, dense forests, greens and perfect wilderness, this place is an attractive spot for all those who love adventure. Baghmundi: A small town of natural beauty, Baghmundi is close to Ayodhya Hills. There are two falls, Tugga and Bramni near Baghmundi which are thronged by tourists. Khairabera Lake: Situated within the area of Ayodhya Hills, Khairabera Lake is one of the quietest places. Cocooned by nature it is actually a dam amid slopes and woods. Chau Dance: Predominant in this region, Chau dance is very common among the tribal. Witness the Chau dancers wearing big colourful Chau Masks with multicoloured costumes dancing in the tune of Madal, a life time experience.

What to Eat & Where
to Eat

There are numerous hotels in Ayodhya Hills that offer a variety of cuisines, from Bengali Thali to Chinese, from special delicacies to local food, you will get all. Further, local restaurants and eateries are spread across to satisfy your taste buds.

Getting Around

Explore the place by walking to experience the real charm. Forests, hillocks, rocky undulated lands, wildlife, lakes, flora and fauna… would make a perfect weekend outing.

How To Reach


With a road distance of 260 km from Kolkata, Ayodhya Hills is nicely connected to Kolkata. However, no direct buses are available, you have to reach Purulia and then take cars or buses to reach the place.

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Surrounding Attractions

Joychandi Pahar: A stone throw distance from Ayodhya Hills, Joychandi Pahar is covered rocks and stones. A small temple of Chandi Ma stands on top of this hill. A beautiful virgin place, enchanting scenery awaits you here. Certain portion of ‘Hirak rajar Deshey’ was shot around this place by the maestro. Murardi Lake: Muradi Lake, encircledby green mountains, is just few km from Ayodhya Hills. It is actually a 2km stretched dam and a picnic spot where you can enjoy picturesque view and solitude. Saheb bandh: Situated in Purulia and a close by spot of Ayodhya Hills, Saheb Bandh is a 50-acre lake, built during 19th century. A cool and serene place, it is the home for migratory birds. Garpanchkot: Situated at the foothill of Panchakot near Ayodhya Hills, Garpanchkot offers panoramic view of the Panchet dam on Damodar River. Bird watching is a treat to the eye. Pakhi Pahar: The bird Hill or Pakhi Pahar is just few km from Ayodhya Hills, is an attractive spot for rock climbers and bird lovers. Deulghat: Deulghat, situated near Kansai river is the home of 15 temples that are poplar for carvings and amazing architecture. Deulghat is one of favourite spots of the tourists and is a must visit. Surulia: Just few km from Ayodhya Hills and situated on the banks of Kangsabati river, Surulia is a favourite picnic spot. With a beautiful deer park and a well decorated cottage, this place is visited by many tourists and should not be barred from schedule.

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