Poila Baishakh

Why To Go

India is known to be the residence of different cultures and religious people. That’s why one can experience the peaceful presence of different lingual people under the same territory. There are many festivals and occasions being held every year to usher the regional New Year every year. Poila Boisakh is called as the Bengali New Year. In Bengali, Poila means ‘first’ and ‘Baishakh’ is the first month of the Bengali calendar. This occurs on either 14th or 15th April every year. Bengalis celebrate by wearing new clothes and offering ‘Anjali’ to the famous temples scattered around the Indian state West Bengal. Children and younger people touch the feet of the elders to get the blessings at the start of the year. Sweets are distributed to friends, families, and closed ones to keep the bonds intact all through the period. This is the time for the traders to open a new business ledger book by offering small puja to Ganesh and Lakshmi at their shops. The Bengalis living in Kolkata and all of West Bengal, celebrate this traditional procedure of welcoming the New Year even in present times also. Bengalis living in faraway places, celebrate this traditional festive, also.

There are no stipulated performing for the healthy individuals at home. Some visits the Kali temple or Dakshineshwar temple to get the blessings of the Goddesses. Traders organise pujas and invite old customers to their shops. The dues are cleared, and some advances are paid to mark the relationship between merchant and customer intact. Some people organise cultural programmes and Prabhat Pheri in the morning also.

The festival is celebrated with processions, fairs, and family time. The traditional greeting for Bengali New Year is Shubho Nabobarsho, which means Happy New Year. Bengali people of India have historically celebrated Pahela Baishakh, and it is an official regional holiday in the states of West Bengal and Tripura.

Bengalis mark the day by taking a dip in a river, then praying to Lakshmi and Ganesha. Traders start a new accounting year. Opening the accounting books is called Hal Khata. In some regions, festivities begin a few days before, with music and dance performance.

Travel Tips

The celebration marks the welcoming of New Year and summer. Temperature touches as much as 40 degrees Centigrade with 80-90% humidity. This makes people uncomfortable. So wear comfortable cotton full sleeve clothes. Preferable would be wearing new clothes, which is the custom during this period. Wear saree or Indian attires during the festival. It is a festival of Hindus. But all region’s people can join this festivity. Venture out for warming your soul with the sweet dishes available during this period at all the corners. If possible, learn and know more about this occasion from a resident or people. When it comes to food, there are many options to choose. Make sure to check the special buffets that are arranged by some of the premium hotels and restaurants during Poila Baisakh. Traditional Bengali dishes are served at many of the hotels and restaurants.

Things To Do

Do not miss out on the customary Puja at Kalighat temple. The Flowers and Prasad are considered sacred on that day without which the day cannot be completed. Adorn yourself in gorgeous outfits. Usually, men wear Kurta Pyjama, and women wear Lal Paar Sada Saree on this day. More of the Bengali dishes, like daab chingri, posto, payesh, a variety of fish preparations are cooked up on this day. Visiting to jewellery shops and other types of shops, having different sweets with sherbet are also practiced on this special day. As the day descends, gather around your folks and set up a bonfire. A touch of Rabindranath Tagore and a hint of Baul Sangeet are the perfect to end the day in true flavours. A special day, when we all become traditionally true Bengalees.

Getting Around

Catching local transport in Kolkata – such as trams, a speciality of Kolkata only, buses or private cars, taxis, Ola, Ubers…the options are many. Kolkata Metro Rails run from north to south with ease.

How To Reach


Kolkata has its airport which is well connected to all the other parts of the country. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport gets both international and domestic airplanes. There are pre-paid cabs, Volvo buses available to travel to the city.


The stations at Kolkata, too, is very well connected to the other parts of the country. Howrah Junction, Sealdah junction, and Kolkata Station are the major railway stations in the city.


You can drive in from many other parts of the country into Calcutta. Within the city itself, there are many means of public transport.

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Surrounding Attractions

You can drive in from many other parts of the country into Calcutta. Within the city itself, there are many means of public transport.
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