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Like all other places where Christmas celebrations begin by 24th of December every year, Goa too celebrates it with much gusto and enthusiasm. It was the day when Lord Jesus blessed the earth, a day that abounds in blessings, gifts, merrymaking and celebration and what better place to celebrate in other than the ‘place of all parties,’ that is Goa.

Since it is a state that respects people from all communities, tourists accumulate there for the festive feel and the church celebrations accompanied by caroling that lacks in most other places in India. It is a place where both modern and old traditions are celebrated; it is the only place where everyone, irrespective of their community, comes together as one to celebrate the birth of a God.

Christian around the world have been celebrating 25th December as the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is revered by Christian as the Son of God, divinely conceived by the Virgin Mary.

Travel Tips

As you want to be a part of the Christmas celebration, the best time to visit is during December just before the Christmas i.e. 25th December. Carry enough woolens and camera to get some of the best candid shots of the town as well as the beach. Another thing to remember is to book the hotels from beforehand.

Things To Do

Whenever you hear the word Goa, the word beaches are synonymous with it, and what better way to herald the day other than in parties held there. Loud music, clubbing and eating sumptuous meals, colorful carnivals, the beaches practically transpires itself into one big party destination. As with all other Christmas celebrations, the day is gift exchanging and offering prayers. You will find the indigenous people to build the artifacts made of millet grass, hay, and boxboard along with the creation of clay statues. All this is in reminisce to the birth of God, and it begins as early as 24th of December. The first step is the decoration of the Christmas tree that is found in every house and hotel. Each little trinket hung holds its own significance right from a holier meaning to the one with memories. However, it is only on the eve of 25th December that the actual celebrations to the day start. Today, the meaning of family Christmas dinners has changed and been overtaken by loud music and partying. Some of these parties are also held in the churches where carol singing and dancing takes a whole new term. Accompanying this mountain of the bells and feasts that imparts a sense of contentedness and happiness. The treats in Goa are no less than a small miniature party in itself because of the Goan cuisine served that takes even the critical gastronomic by surprise. Each food served brings alive the senses because it is the perfect mingling of spices, herbs, and love. Christmas cannot be without a few things, and it cannot be without eggnog, socks, candles, and stars. Most of the hotels and resorts also get in the mood of Christmas and decorate their ambiance in a similar manner. Beverages are served, and lavish dinners are cooked for the guests. The beaches are decorated and all in all, you have a party served on your platter. Christmas is not always partying hard; it is also about sharing of those familial moments that we lack when we live to hard in cities. For it is this time, when the beautiful gifts were exchanged, the day also heralds by sharing tips with people whom you love the most. The Midnight Mass is held in the many churches of Goa, and it is at this time that the birth of Jesus is properly commemorated. Families and tourists alike visit the Mass and are enthralled by something so simple and yet so profound. Most Christians are overwhelmed with emotions during this time, and the mass marks the day’s beginning. Once the mass and sermons are over, families rush to the decorated and hyped beaches to celebrate and revel in something they love the most- party.

Getting Around

Goa has plenty of public and private options for travel, depending upon the budget and preferences. Hired transport options include pre-booked taxis, auto-rickshaws, taxi bikes or pilot cars, scooters and bicycle rentals, as well as privately booked chauffeur-driven vehicles.

How To Reach


Located at 29kms of Panaji, the Dabolim airport has different flights that operate between Dabolim to all other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kochi and Thiruvanathapuram.


Part of the Konkan railway network, different trains operates between Panaji and major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The next nearest railway station at 30kms is Vasco da Gama.


There are several buses that ply from the neighboring states to Goa. The main bus terminal is known as Kadamba. You will also get different private operators to various destinations.

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Surrounding Attractions

There are several buses that ply from the neighboring states to Goa. The main bus terminal is known as Kadamba. You will also get different private operators to various destinations.
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