About Us

Mission Statement – Provide the latest and most accurate information to travellers and tour enthusiastics

Vision Statement – Providing one stop solution for information needs of tourists visiting India


Following 12 years of experience of organising travel and tourism exhibitions in different parts of India and abroad. Blue Eye India Private Limited now wish to bring forth that experience to help provide, quality, accurate and detailed information for travellers who wish to visit different parts of India.

BEI along with its numerous stakeholders, travel as well as tour enthusiastic envisions this portal to be a one stop solution for travellers and tour enthusiastics into both domestic and foreign, with respect to their information needs. Having partnered over the years, with thousands of stakeholders such as travel agencies, travel experts, top national and international hotel chains in India and various state governments, the organisation believes that information is power and wants to share this power with the millions of travel enthusiastics as well as travellers globally.

Backed by a large, strong and able team, Blue Eye India’s objective is to use the power of information technology to make travelling in Indian easier, more enjoyable and safer by sharing he most accurate and the latest information about the best places to travel in a country as vast and diverse as India. The team at BEI always strives to provide updated and reliable information on a regular basis that would not only make developing your travel plans much easier but also more interesting. Travellers and travel enthusiastic can get information about where and how to visit places that suit their specific interests. One can locate information about specific categories or its region wise.

Blue Eye India Private Limited believes this portal will help the travellers and travel enthusiastic a one stop informative portal of India.